Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life of an 11 am to 11 pm code monkey

He's a code monkey! Yet another, in millions of the code monkeys...his day would typically start as that of any other code monkey...getting up late, slowly getting ready and reaching office by 11 am ...checking official as well as personal mails, chatting with friends in office, attending a meeting (if any). By then it becomes the lunch time so gathering friends in office and going out to eat......! By the time lunch is over, its already 2pm! Aha, the real work starts thereafter! Then the headphones, the monitor and the code he is writing!!! Nothing else really matters...
resolving code issues, fixing bugs, creating new bugs(do I need to say this explicitly?) In short, working on existing work as well as creating more work for the future! What a way to ensure a consistent earning! Finally, getting out of that monotonous environment around 11 pm...what a great routine!
But he gets full monetary rewards for his monkygiri. Perhaps more than what his parents and grandparents ever earned! and his salary makes him blind enough to continue his monkeygiri without thinking about what he is losing...
losing the time to spend with his loved ones? losing the chance to ensure good health? losing the opportunity to spend the big fat salary he is earning? losing that which gives life its liveliness?
And yet, the breed of code monkeys seems to increase exponentially! Is that because such code monkeys are very much in demand?

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